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Qing Ming: Lesson Plan

Suitable for Grade 7+

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Ignite Curiosity!

Qing Ming or Tomb sweeping festival

Predict: Look at these photos, which are from an important Chinese festival.

What might the festival be about? What might happen at this festival?

Qingming Festival (Qing Ming), Tomb-Sweeping Day
Qingming Festival - Tomb Sweeping Day
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Qingming Festival, which is known as Tomb Sweeping ​Festival is an important festival in Chinese culture that ​acknowledges Chinese ancestors who are no longer ​here.

Popular activities during this festival include:

  • Sweeping and decorating ancestral graves
  • Making food offerings
  • Burning paper money
  • Having picnics and kite flying
  • Eat Qingtuan - green dumplings made from ​glutinous rice and mugwort of barley grass

Watch What Happens on QingMing Festival and ​read Qingming Festival: 2024 to learn more about ​the QingMing Festival and how it is celebrated.


Discuss other festivals about the departed. A mainstream example of this is Halloween.

Watch this video about Halloween: Halloween History

Now ask students to watch videos about other festivals around the world that are similar:

Day of the Dead Decorative Frame. Dia De Los Muertos. Mexican Celebration.
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Task: Compare & Contrast

Choose 1 festival you've learnt about that is similar to Qing Ming ​Festival.

  1. Complete a 5Ws task to identify the key information for both this ​festival and Qing Ming Jie e.g. Who celebrates it, Why is it ​celebrated, Where do people go, How is it celebrated, etc?
  2. Use this information to brainstorm similarities and differences ​between the festivals, thinking about different aspects of each ​festival.
  3. Create a T table, Venn Diagram, infographic or poster to ​compare the two festivals. You can use Canva, Google Slides, ​Mindomo, or any platform you wish, including ​handwriting/drawing.
  4. Share your work to educate others about Qing Ming Festival!
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Chinese Painting, Along/Up The River During the Qingming Festival, is one of China’s most famous ​paintings and is a massive 606 cm long!

Look at the images in Google Arts and Culture and Khan Academy. Describe what you see. Discuss what ​river life might have been like then and compare to now in China. Think about what roles rivers have played ​in human’s histories for settlement, trade, resourcing.


Ask students to work individually, pairs or groups to complete a Project Zero: See, Think, Wonder Routine.

Ask students to choose a person or group within the image and complete Project Zero, Step In, Step Out, ​Step Back Routine.

Vietnamese Man on Boat
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Identify the different types of ​activities people do on this festival, ​foods eaten, etc.

Fold an A4 or A3 piece of paper into ​six or eight rectangular sections. Cut ​the rectangles out and draw two sets ​of images that represent this festival.

Then play ‘memory’ with the cards with ​a friend.

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Make a spring bossom painting

Qing Ming literally means ‘clear’ and ‘bright’ which describes ​the weather in China at this time.

Spring blossoms are out around the time of Qing Ming ​Festival and are beautiful to look at. Celebrating blossoms in ​Springtime is a favourite activity in Japan in Springtime too.


Look at the different images of Spring blossoms or Cherry ​blossoms in Google Arts and Culture here.


Create your own blossom painting using cotton buds.

Kirch Blossoms in Spring

Global Focus Extension Activity:

Plants and flowers around the world differ ​greatly during Spring due to different habitats ​and eco-systems.

Discuss which plants and flowers you see ​around your community during Springtime.

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  • Share your students’ fantastic work with your school community to show them the great intercultural ​learning taking place in your classroom!

  • Create a Learning Wall for all the learning your class makes about this festival and their new cultural ​knowledge!

  • Prepare a short piece to share at assembly or even to other classrooms to educate others about this ​festival.
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Woman Visiting Relatives Grave On Ching Ming Festival