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Qing Ming Festival: Lesson Plan

Suitable for Grade K - 3

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Ignite Curiosity!

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Look at these seven ​images that ​represent an ​important Chinese ​festival.

Predict: What might ​the festival be about?

What might happen at ​this festival?

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Qingming Festival, which is known as Tomb Sweeping Festival is an important festival in Chinese culture that ​acknowledges Chinese ancestors who have passed away.

Popular activities during this festival include:

  • Sweeping and decorating ancestral graves
  • Making food offerings
  • Burning paper money
  • Having picnics and kite flying
  • Eat Qingtuan - green dumplings made from ​glutinous rice and mugwort of barley grass


Watch the video to learn more about the festival ​and associated activities.

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MAKE a Kite

Popular activities for children on this day, other than visiting ​and sweeping the graves of their ancestors, are kite flying and ​admiring the Spring blossoms that come out this time of year.


Watch and listen to the Kite song. Learn the Kite Song and sing ​it together!


Make a kite! Use this video, or your own resources, to build a ​kite in pairs or groups. Then take your kites outside and fly ​them on a windy day.

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Make a spring bossom painting


Qing Ming literally means ‘clear’ and ‘bright’ which describes the ​weather in China at this time.

Spring blossoms are out around the time of Qing Ming Festival ​and are beautiful to look at.


Create your own blossom painting using cotton buds.

Extension Activity:

Discuss which plants and animals you see in your local ​community and habitats during Spring. You can use these ​questions:

  • What changes do you notice during Springtime?
  • Why do you think these changes happen?
  • Do you think these changes are the same everywhere else in ​our country? In the world? Why/why not?
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  • Share your students’ fantastic work with your school community to show them the great intercultural ​learning taking place in your classroom!

  • Create a Learning Wall for all the learning your class makes about this festival and their new cultural ​knowledge!

  • Prepare a short piece to share at assembly or even to other classrooms to educate others about this ​festival.
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